Friday, June 27, 2008


Boy, did I ever learn a valuable lesson today. Never change credit card info online. Always do it over the phone via customer service. Otherwise you could be looking at some serious pre authorization holds on your card of choice. I ended up with four(4), for a total of $177.00 + change. And I still had to hunt a local establishment to pay cash in order to have uninterrupted service. Then it was phone call after phone call to try and get it straightened out. Finally after six unproductive conversations, the BEAST ripped off his gag and issued forth a tirade of short, but extremely sharp sentences, ending with something about the next call coming from our attorney. Well, that stopped the B.S. and run around. Miraculously, someone realized that, yes, I remember now, we can resolve this simply and immediately. Thank you for your patience, have a nice day. Yeah thanks. Easy for you to say. Now I have to get this BEAST back under wraps, so he doesn't screw up the rest of my day with his sharp little tongue. Nasty little fellow, gagged though he is most of the time. Time and place.
Anyway, that's pretty much the long and short of it. I could have lived with one pre authorization hold, but not four of them for the same thing. Tad overkill. I'll know better next time. Think I'll check into Pay-Pal, and let them handle the B.S.


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